With the home security industry expanding daily, there are a wide variety of candidates to elect from. It may be difficult to choose the right one that is tailored to fulfill the needs of both you and your family. Searching for a company that is credible, economical, and trustworthy when your safety depends on it can be difficult. That is why you may have contemplated Vivint vs FrontPoint. The descriptions below may help make your decision an easy one.


• With a DIY installation (self-installation) starting at $34.99 per month, you could pay up to $429.85 out of pocket for extra equipment.
FrontPoint only offers a 2-year warranty, which isn’t even long enough to cover their 3 year contract.
• With only 5 years in business, it’s difficult to build a credible track record that stands firm next to others in the industry.


LCD touchscreen display control panel—includes weather reports
and outside temperature readout
Two-way cellular voice on the control panel—eliminates the need for
a hard line phone, and the worry an intruder will cut your phone line outside
Emergency button on control panel and optional medical pendant
(Did you know that 85% of events requiring 911 or other assistance are
non-burglary related?) The Vivint panel, with two-way voice, allows
you to contact assistance immediately for ANY type of emergency
without having to locate your phone to dial 911 and then wait for your call
to be answered.
Free Smartphone access—monitor your home and manage your Vivint security
system from anywhere. Arm your system remotely. Receive text or email alerts if your system is tripped; you will even be notified as to what happened to set off the alarm.

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