Vivint Home Security FAQ’s

Learn why more than 1.7 million customers trust Vivint to keep their homes safe.

What can we help you with?

  • Vivint Security monitoring pricing will depend on your choice of security equipment. See monthly pricing here.
  • Call us at 800-598-5228 for a free quote. Our attentive Vivint sales reps can customize a system unique to your needs and give you exact pricing in just a few short minutes!

Here are your next steps to get your panel activated:

1. Call us! We will confirm whether the system is currently active and walk you through any other equipment in the home. 800-598-5228  press 1 for new accounts.
2. We will then schedule a call between you and an activation specialist to make sure your system is up-to-date and working correctly, all over the phone.
3. Make sure to ask about any additional equipment you may want to include in your home.
4. Start enjoying your new Vivint system with no contract at a locked monthly price!

More Information

  • No! There are many different purchase options for new customers.
  • Call us at 800-598-5228 to speak with a Vivint sales rep about which payment option works best for you.

  • No - Vivint does not require a contract if you pay for your security equipment upfront. You’ll only have to pay for monitoring each month.
  • Vivint contract lengths vary based on equipment financing.
  • Our minimal contract length is month to month.
  • Vivint customers receive benefits for maintaining a contract term, such as discounted equipment upgrades, price lock guarantees, and in-home warranty service.

  • Vivint contract lengths vary based on equipment financing.
  • Our minimal contract length is month to month.
  • Vivint customers receive benefits for maintaining a contract term, such as discounted equipment upgrades, price lock guarantees, and in-home warranty service.

  • Vivint often has free installation promotions available!
  • We also offer “self-install” packages made for simple customer installation
  • Call 800-598-5228 for more information on our professional installation.

Our loyal customers receive a life-time warranty on their Vivint equipment.

  1. Share your love of Vivint Security with friends and family.
  2. Once a friend or family member uses your referral code to purchase their own Vivint system, you will both be credited with rewards!
  3. Don’t have a referral code from your friend or family member? Call us at 800-598-5228 with their address and phone number so we can apply rewards to both accounts!

More Information

  • All Vivint systems are equipped with a backup battery in the case of a power outage.
  • If you live in an area where loss of power is common, Vivint offers an extended backup battery for power outages longer than 48 hours.

Yes, our security system is built off a wireless cellular connection, so you won’t need WiFi or a phone line!

  • The Vivint Security System is built off a wireless cellular connection, no phone line needed!

  • The Vivint Smart Hub has the capability to issue weather alerts from the National Weather Service.
  • Whenever there is an extreme weather alert in your area, the Vivint Smart Hub will beep and describe the inclement weather to give you time to prepare accordingly!

  • A Vivint Smart Home is the perfect combination of security and home automation, here to make your daily life more convenient and safe.
  • Vivint is unique in that we provide our customers with top of the line security for peace of mind.
  • We give our customers the ability to control every facet of their smart home through a streamlined app on their phone, combining security and efficiency in one package.

  • The Vivint App allows you to control your security system while you are at home or away to bring you convenience and safety.
  • You can control your Vivint Smart Door Lock, view your cameras in real-time, and adjust your thermostat all on one cohesive platform.

  • The Vivint Smart Hub is the LCD touch screen central control panel of your Vivint security and automation system.
  • It contains a two-way voice and emergency call button with the capability to talk with our professional monitoring team 24/7 in case of an emergency.

The Vivint Smart Door Lock gives you different ways to lock and unlock your door safely and securely:

  1. Just like any front door, you can use your key!
  2. The Smart Door Lock also includes a keypad above the keyhole that requires a four-digit code to unlock the door. Just press the lock button on the keypad when you are leaving the home, and your door will lock from the inside.
  3. Use the Vivint Smart Home App to remotely lock and unlock your door! You can also monitor people going in and out of your home.

  • The Vivint Smart Doorbell Camera allows you to keep an eye on your front porch, whether you’re home or not.
  • Anytime someone enters your pre-determined site range of the camera, you will receive an immediate picture of that person on your phone, whether they ring the doorbell or not.
  • You can access your Doorbell Camera through the Vivint app on your smart phone to see and speak to any visitors at your doorstep.

More Information

  • Vivint Smart Home Pros are a team of highly qualified home security experts here to help build the best security system for your home, professionally install your Vivint system, and monitor your home 24/7.
  • Call 800-598-5228 to talk with one of our Smart Home Pros today!

  • Vivint Home Security provides customers with high quality equipment, friendly customer service, and peace of mind that ADT can’t beat!
  • Check out this article for some of the ways Vivint sets itself apart from ADT.

More Information

  • At Vivint, we take care of our customers by providing professional installation, no yearly hidden service fees, and monitoring by Vivint professionals.
  • Simplisafe suggests you hire your own qualified professional for installation, requires an annual service fee, and uses an independent, third-party contractor for your system monitoring.

More Information

  • Vivint Home Security offers the highest rated equipment on the market.
  • Our goal is to keep you and your family protected with dependable equipment and professional monitoring.

  • At Vivint, we provide our customers with professional installation, top of the line equipment, and a lifelong warranty for our loyal customers.
  • FrontPoint requires self-installation and only offers a 2-year warranty on their equipment.

  • Vivint can connect with many different types of security equipment currently on the market, including wired systems.
  • It is partially based on the quality of the previous installation and equipment we would need to connect to.
  • Please call 800-598-5228 to talk with a professional representative about your current situation.

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