We all have that moment where we wonder whether we locked the door behind us when rushing out of the house. With the Vivint Smart Door Lock, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The Vivint Smart Door Lock allows you to lock and unlock your front door all through your smartphone, so you can double check whether you locked that door when you left for work and even unlock the door for a visitor while you’re away. The Smart Door Lock makes the perfect addition to your Vivint Security System:

  • Remote Access—Lock and unlock your door using your smartphone.
  • Notifications—Receive alerts on your smartphone when your door is unlocked.
  • Secure Keypad—Either open your door using the keyhole, or create a four-digit code to unlock the door!
  • Secure Technology—If the door is being tampered with, without the use of the keypad or keyhole, your Vivint alarm will be triggered and the authorities will be contacted.

Check out the perfect pair for the Vivint Smart Door Lock, our Smart Doorbell Camera!

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