A neighbor down the street just had their home broken into. Gated Community. They have a security system… but they were just going to be gone for a day, and the dog sitter needed to get in… so it was never armed. Besides, they had never had a problem before. The dog sitter walked into the home and alerted the thief working upstairs- fortunately for her, he went out the side window, having only taken a substantial amount of cash and jewelry.

They had a security sign in their yard- you know, the kind that tell a would-be robber to cut the phone line before they enter. It wouldn’t have mattered in this case, other than the fact that now my neighbor has to contact the phone company to fix the line.

What good is a security system that is a hassle to use? Sure, its only $35 a month- a wasted $35. And you’re still left unprotected (but maybe you feel better knowing at least there is a keypad panel near the door).

If my neighbor would have had a Vivint system by http://www.vivintautomation.com, they would have been able to arm the system AND allowed the dog sitter the ability to enter. With Vivint, she could have been given a temporary pass code to unlock the side door with Vivint’s keypad lock, and automatically disarm the security system. When she leaves, she simply presses a button to lock the door lock, and the security system re-arms itself.
Not only that, but my neighbor would have received a text or email telling them when the dog sitter arrived and left. If desired, they would have been able to video-monitor the person as well. They could have even opened the door for her from their smart phone!

A versatile security system from http://www.vivintautomation.com can accomplish a whole lot more than your usual keypad security system from the competition. Are they really giving you peace of mind?