Stay at Home Parent

As a stay at home parent, your children are your number one priority throughout the day. Maybe you’re a stay at home parent with a spouse that travels regularly and you’re looking for an extra layer of security when you’re alone with the kids overnight. You are probably preoccupied by what they’re randomly putting in their mouth and keeping them from their attempts to “fly” off the couch, so you may be overlooking the safety of the home itself. Here at Vivint Home Security, we know it’s a full-time job to keep your family safe, so you need a home security system that keeps safety second nature for you. The convenience of Vivint Smart Home Security gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on other important things during your busy day.

Indoor / Outdoor Cameras—Keep an eye on every part of your property, all from the safety of your home. Use the touch screen Vivint Sky Panel or the Vivint Smart Phone app to view all your cameras in real time.

Smart Doorbell Camera—Stop checking who rang your doorbell by utilizing the peep-hole on your door (which is normally way too high for your children to be able to use anyways). Our Smart Doorbell Camera records any movement on your front porch and allows you to speak with the visitor without having to open your front door.

Smoke Alarm / CO Detector—Whether your home or away, natural disasters can happen, but it’s best to stay ahead of the game with a smoke alarm and CO Detector. If either alarm is triggered, the Vivint Monitoring team will dispatch the correct authorities to act quickly. If you’re home, you’ll make it out of the home safely with the timely warning.

Smart Door LockJuggling playdates, lunches, school drop-offs, and pick-ups, you are bound to forget a few things. Vivint makes it easy to check up on things you may have forgotten, like locking your front door. You can lock and unlock the Vivint Smart Door Lock through your smartphone, without having to drive back home.

Vivint is committed to keeping efficiency and convenience at the forefront of home security, so you can spend your time planning that long overdue play date the kids have been asking for!

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