Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Most outdoor surveillance cameras on the market offer similar features. They connect with the WiFi in your home and notify you when anything enters onto your property, including animals or your kids just coming home from school. But what if you had the ability to control exactly what triggered the camera, without all the false alarms? Check out the new Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro that allows you to maximize your security while minimizing notifications on your smartphone.

Identify Lurkers—The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro measures the amount of time someone spends on your property to keep those false alarms at bay. You won’t have to worry about receiving those alarm notifications, only to find out it was a squirrel or someone walking their dog.

Customizable—You can now customize when you receive a notification from your camera, based on whether the camera decides if the threat is credible or not. You can even program the camera to pinpoint specific areas of your property that may have less foot traffic.

HD footage—The Outdoor Camera Pro gives you the clearest video compared to any other camera on the market. It includes a 140-degree view as well as high-powered infrared night vision, so you have a perfect picture day OR night.

More Reliable Connection—This new camera now includes a Hybrid Wired WiFi connection that allows the convenience of a wireless connection, but also gives you the speed of a wired connection. No longer will you have to experience your outdoor cameras disconnecting from the WiFI in the home because they aren’t close enough to the router. You won’t have to worry about missing a single second of a video clip, or waiting for it to load.


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