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Will my pet set off my alarm system?

Will my pet set off my alarm system?

Before security cameras, motion sensors, and high tech door locks, you probably would have
invested in a different form of security—a pet. Thankfully, pets no longer need to be the first
and last line of defense in securing your home. Now, the issue a lot of families run into when
choosing a security system for their home is whether their furry friends will trigger any of the
alarms put in place to keep the home safe.

Many security systems include motion sensors and cameras to create a trap zone for anyone
that may enter the home illegally. Unfortunately, some security companies sell you equipment
that doesn’t mix well with the pets you have in your home. With Vivint Home Security, you
don’t need to worry about your pets triggering the cameras or motion sensors we set up in your

Any animal under 50 pounds can roam around while your motion sensors are activated and
they will not set off the alarm. Vivint’s indoor and outdoor cameras also allow you to keep an
eye on your furry friends while you are away from your home. Worried about whether the dog
sitter showed up to take the puppy on a walk? Are you worried about giving an unfamiliar
person a key to your home? Keep an eye out for when the pet sitter arrives with the Vivint
Smart Doorbell Camera, and let them into the home remotely with our Vivint Smart Door Lock.
Vivint Home Security wants to keep everyone in your family safe, even the furry ones. We are
here to keep your life convenient, even when it comes to securing your home.

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