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Vivint Referrals

The Vivint Referral Program rewards customers who share their love of Vivint Security with their friends and family. Check out some of the frequently asked questions on the Vivint Referral Program below:

“How do I qualify for the Vivint referral program?”

  • Share your love of Vivint Home Security and your referral code with friends and family, and you’ll be well on your way to earning rewards!

“I have a friend/family member who has a Vivint system and I want to start securing my home as well, but I don’t have a referral code. Can I still qualify for the Vivint Referral Program?”

  • YES! Call us at 800-598-5228 with the address and phone number of the individual you know with a Vivint system, and we will apply rewards to both accounts.

“What will I receive when I refer someone to Vivint Home Security?”

  • Thank you for trusting us to secure your home and sharing your choice in security with others! Depending on the level of service you currently have, you can receive up to $200 of your monthly monitoring fee.

“What will I receive if I am referred to Vivint Home Security?”

  • You can also receive up to $200 credit towards your monthly monitoring charge. Call us at 800-598-5228 for more information on this and other promotional offers for new referred customers!

More questions? Call us at 800-598-5228

Share with your friends and family about your Vivint Home Security system and start earning rewards today!