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Smart Doorbell

The Vivint Smart Doorbell Camera gives you the peace of mind you deserve, whether you’re cozying up at home or traveling. You can monitor who is at your door and talk to them, all through your smartphone and without having to answer the door. No longer will you need to worry about checking who is at your door late at night, or who might stop by while you’re away from home. With the Vivint Smart Doorbell Camera, you can watch out for that important package you’ve been expecting and be certain your kids arrived home safely after school. Check out more ways the Vivint Smart Doorbell Camera gives you a home that feels completely secure:

  • HD Wide-angle Lens—This doorbell camera gives you a 180-degree wide-angle view of your front doorstep, ensuring you will have a perfect view regardless of where you place it.
  • Motion Activated, Recorded Video Clips—With up to 20ft of motion detection, the Vivint Smart Doorbell Camera will record when anyone walks up to your door.
  • Night Vision Camera—Don’t want to leave your porch light on all night? With this night vision technology, the Vivint doorbell camera doesn’t require any light. You may be surprised to find mountain lions and other forms of wildlife wandering around late at night!
  • Notifications to your Smartphone—You’ll receive a notification on your smartphone whenever the camera picks up movement.

Be sure to check out the Vivint Smart Door Lock, the perfect pair for our Smart Doorbell Camera!

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