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Smartphone Control Lights

Lighting Control Can Give You Peace of Mind

Lighting controls have been integrated into commercial buildings for several decades, but they’re relatively new to residential homes. They are quickly becoming popular among homeowners, who appreciate the convenience and energy savings that having around-the-clock control over their lights provides. These are not the only benefits that lighting control has for homeowners, however. Perhaps the most important reason to invest in a lighting control system for your home is peace of mind. When you can instantly turn your lights on or off from anywhere, there are fewer reasons to worry about your home’s security. 

Make it Look Like You’re Home
Stump potential thieves, adjust your home’s lights throughout your trip.

Instantly Turn on Lights from Your Bedside
Hear a suspicious noise during the night, you can instantly turn on all your home’s lights – inside and out.

Cut Energy Bills
Using a lighting timer, create a routine especially with those holiday lights.

Monitor usage
Keep electricity expenses under control.



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