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Is Home Security Monitoring Worth It?

It’s nice to have a security dog around the house in times of emergency and could easily be compromised as one of many easy security solutions. But an animal can’t do what a home security system can in terms of protecting your home, family, and the things that matter most.

Home security monitoring and support adds another powerful layer of protection to your home security system and can bring you peace of mind. But are monitored security systems worth it?

Why home security monitoring?

At Vivint, we think the benefits are hard to deny—you simply can’t get the same coverage and protection with a self-monitored home security system. A monitored home security service means someone’s always available to watch over your home regardless of where you are.

I left the stove on and left the house. Vivint notified me that there was a possible fire in the house. The home professionals called me and my husband, emailed me, and notified the fire department. When I got home the fire department was already there and my neighbor had unlocked the door and taken my dog out. Vivint save my house and my dog! I will be forever grateful! I know my family is protected with this system!

-Petrine R.
Ruskin, FL

That means if you’re not home to hear an alarm or catch something on the security cameras or see any sensors go off, a team of qualified, highly trained home professionals will hear it and respond to ensure your home and family are protected in any situation.

Take a look at what else monitored security systems can offer you and your family:

  • In a crisis, Vivint’s Smart Home Specialists—our highly trained customer service monitoring team—contacts emergency services for you, in many cases before you even have the chance to make the call yourself on your mobile device.
  • If you’re incapable of handling an incident for whatever reason, our monitoring team jumps in to assist. And that includes medical emergencies.
  • Because monitoring and support is continuously provided 24/7, our professionals don’t miss a thing and often spot potential problems and emergency situations before you do.

It was a very stressful day and I thought I had turned everything off when I left, but I hadn’t. I had left the stove on with food on it. Vivint called me when the smoke alarm went off and called the fire department before the grease on the other burner was reached. Had the department not gotten there when they had, I would have been homeless. I am forever grateful to Vivint for saving my home.

-Martha J.
Mullins, SC

  • It’s a reassuring feeling to know someone always has your back. And the professionals at monitoring and support stay up so you can rest easy and enjoy peace of mind when it comes to your home and family.
  • Monitoring and customer service support are always available. With the press of a button on your Vivint Smart Hub Panel, you’re immediately connected to our home professionals whether you have simple questions or need help in an emergency.

The life-saving value of 24/7 home security monitoring

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Every day, Vivint customers throughout the country reap the benefits of home security systems and security cameras that include 24/7 monitoring and support services.

We like that a live person calls and stays with you to make sure you’re okay, even if it’s just a malfunction. It was the middle of the night and our adult daughter was home alone sleeping when the alarm went off. She was terrified. The person on the phone kept her company until the police arrived and checked out the house. Turned out to be a faulty sensor, but she felt safer because she wasn’t alone. Now that she has her own home, she has Vivint as her alarm provider. She wouldn’t consider another alarm company after her experience.

-Michael Ramaglia
Romeoville, IL

Their stories are compelling and drive home how essential security systems, security cameras, door locks, glass break sensors, night vision, and motion sensors all are valuable pieces of equipment in terms of fully protecting your home and family from emergency events and intruders. They are true believers that monitored home security is absolutely worth it.

The Bennett Family

When their carbon monoxide alarm was triggered the first night the Bennett family slept in their home after their Vivint security system was installed, our Smart Home Specialists contacted the family. But the family assumed it was a technical installation glitch, not a true emergency. After the alarm sounded a second time, our monitoring specialists insisted on contacting the fire department to ensure the home was safe. That call saved the lives of the entire family.

The Garcia Family

You never think your own home will catch fire and your smoke detectors will be put the test, but it happened to the Garcia family in Calgary. The quick alarm notification of their Vivint security system coupled with monitoring truly saved lives. While Mrs. Garcia got her seven children out the door to safety, the Vivint monitoring and support team took care of the rest–contacting the fire department and ensuring help was on its way.

Our front door was recently opened while we were not home. Vivint acted quickly, contacting the police who were there in minutes. Thank you for keeping my family safe!

-Alexis S.
Youngstown, OH

These families experienced first-hand the convenience and life-saving value of a home security monitoring service and having someone there to assist you in those times of crisis and emergency.

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