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Is a Doorbell Camera Worth It?

Vivint Doorbell Camera

One of the latest trends in home security is smart home automation. What we once secured with keys or third-party alarm systems, we can now protect with cameras, sensors, video monitoring, and video doorbells. In today’s world of online shopping and working remotely, a doorbell camera is the first step of defending the security of your home.

Maybe you’ve experienced package theft, unwanted solicitors, or wanting to know who’s coming and going at all hours.

A smart home system equipped with a doorbell camera allows you to track activity at your front door 24/7.  When you install a doorbell camera you gain:

–       Peace of Mind with added security

–       Know when a package is delivered

–       Communicate remotely with the person at your front door

–       Uninterrupted family time or work time

With all the doorbell camera options out there, what makes Vivint’s Doorbell Camera Pro (GEN 2) stand out?

Vivint’s Doorbell Camera Pro (GEN 2) not only records crime, but prevents it.

It is the only video doorbell camera with the technology to proactively protect your porch and packages.

The Doorbell Camera Pro (GEN 2) provides:

–       Illuminating red ring

–       65dB speaker to deter crime

–       2-way talking

–       Night vision

–       Watch 30-second video clips on demand with Vivint Smart Clips

–       Customize Notifications on your mobile device

–       180° Wide-angle view

–       Smart Visitor Detection so you don’t receive notifications every time a car drives by your home

–       Vivint PlaybackTM Records continuous video for up to 4 cameras, up to 30 days

A doorbell camera protects your privacy and elevates your level of security.

Are you ready to enjoy added security and privacy in your home today?

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