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How can a smart doorbell help during Coronavirus?

Coronavirus and Doorbell Camera

The Coronavirus has created a new emphasis on health and social distancing this month, so you may want to rethink how your home security system can work best for you and your family. We may not deliver groceries and supplies to you, but we can ensure that you receive those important deliveries in a safe and healthy way.

The Vivint Smart Doorbell Camera allows you to monitor live video of visitors to your home and talk with them directly through the Vivint smartphone app when you are concerned about opening your front door. You can keep an eye out for special food deliveries and ask that they are left on your front porch, keeping both your family and couriers healthy.

Here are a few other great features of the Vivint Smart Doorbell Camera:

  • Recorded Video Clips—The Vivint Smart Doorbell camera has 20 feet of motion detection, giving you an HD, 180-degree wide-angle view of your front doorstep.
  • Night Vision Camera—You won’t have to leave a porch light on all night with Vivint’s Smart Doorbell Camera. It uses night vision technology to give you the clearest picture, without requiring any light.
  • Smartphone Notifications—If your camera picks up movement, you’ll receive a notification right on your smartphone. It makes it easy to keep up on what is going on around your home.

Here at Vivint Security, we are committed to keeping your health and safety a priority.

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