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Have you moved into a home with a Vivint system?

preexisting vivint system

Congratulations! You’ve moved into a home with a Vivint system. The previous owner already invested a lot of money for that equipment! You now have access to premium home security for a fraction of the price- and conveniently, it has already been installed for you!

Here are your next steps to get your panel activated on your preexisting Vivint system:

1. Call us! We will confirm whether the system is currently active and walk you through any other equipment in the home. 800-598-5228- press 1 for new accounts.
2. We will then schedule a call between you and an activation specialist to make sure your system is up-to-date and working correctly, all over the phone.
3. Make sure to ask about any additional equipment you may want to include in your home.
4. Start enjoying your new Vivint system with no contract at a locked monthly price!

Call now and start protecting your new home today!

Call 800-598-5228 for more information and start securing your home today!