It’s difficult to imagine acquiring a new, expensive vehicle, only to wake up one morning and realize it’s been stolen from you. Here at Vivint Home Security, we want to protect what means the most to you—including your vehicle! We’ve developed the Vivint Car Guard, an app-based vehicle protection service that extends smart security from your home to your vehicle.

  • The Car Guard includes location tracking so you will always know where your car and loved ones are. You can also program boundaries and be notified if your vehicle crosses them.
  • You will receive notifications on your smartphone if your car is being stolen, towed, or bumped. Always stay up to date, no matter where your car is parked.
  • The Vivint Car Guard gives you the ability to monitor the performance and status of your car, from low fuel to a low car battery.
  • Connect the Car Guard to your Vivint Smart Home Security system for an extra blanket of security when your vehicle is parked outside your home. Program your lights to turn on, cameras to start recording, and the alarm to sound to disrupt a theft if someone disturbs your car outside of your home.

Call 855-855-8765 now to learn more about the Vivint Car Guard and start protecting what matters most, today!