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Back to School with Vivint Smart Home Security

Back to School with Vivint Smart Home Security

With parents returning to work at their offices and kids starting up school again, Vivint Smart Home Security is here to help you make a seamless transition back to normal life. From school drop-offs and pick-ups to early morning work calls and evening grocery shopping, your family needs a security system that can handle your busy schedule. Vivint’s Smart Doorbell Camera, Smart Door Lock, and Indoor Cameras were created to keep your home and family’s security a priority.

Smart Door Lock—Vivint’s keyless door lock simplifies your child’s arrival home, even when you aren’t present. The Vivint Smart Door Lock’s keypad allows for a unique code for every member of your family, so you don’t need to worry about lost keys. The Vivint Smart Home app also gives you the capability to unlock the door for your child remotely.

Smart Doorbell Camera—Keep an eye on when your child arrives home from school with Vivint’s Smart Doorbell Camera. Any movement on your front porch will trigger the doorbell camera, record, and send you a notification on your smartphone. This Smart Doorbell Camera also allows you to communicate with your child while they are on the porch.

Indoor Cameras—Are you worried about whether your child is working on their homework or raiding the snack cabinet while you are still at work? Vivint Indoor Cameras give you the confidence that your children are staying on track when they return home from school. You can always view all your cameras live with the Vivint Smartphone app.

With schedules changing and work piling up, Vivint Smart Home Security is dedicated to providing convenience and efficiency for your family. We know you can’t always be with your children, but with Vivint, you will be confident they are safe.

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