Top 4 reasons to choose Vivint Security

Chances are when you run across an article that gives the top 4 reasons to buy something, it’s going to be biased. Well, in the case of Vivint home Security there is a good reason for it. Vivint has confidence because they indeed are the hands down leader in Home Security & Home Automation. Here are the top 4 reasons Vivint is the right choice in keeping your home and family safe.

1. Numerous Awards
Vivint continues to receive accolades from many ratings agencies and consumer groups for their products and services- including Consumer Best Buy awards for our products, JD Powers awards for best customer service, and independent surveys that show 96% of our customers, if given the choice, would choose Vivint again to secure their homes.

2. Full Service Company
Vivint does not subcontract their installations or monitoring to third parties. Our technicians are employees driving “Vivint” branded vehicles. This is important to us because we can better control our quality and response times- in fact, our emergency response time is 7.2 seconds- the fastest in the industry!

3. Wireless/cellular based system
Vivint does not require land-lines or wired sensors that can be cut or disabled by intruders-we use the latest cellular technology to connect to our monitoring centers, ensuring the fastest response times. Our agents have the ability to talk to you over the control panel, to quickly address your needs.

4. Total control of your home
Besides security, Vivint offers a full range of additional features, including thermostat control, cameras, remote controllable door locks, light control and more! All controllable remotely from your smartphone or other internet device.

We believe if you consider all the options and features, you will see Vivint is the best value in security and automation available today! Give us a call so we can help you construct a package and features that fit your needs!

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